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Mosaic Health Care Consultants About Mosaic Health Care Consultants
Mosaic is a health care consulting firm specializing in reimbursement, health economics, and outcomes research work for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and diagnostics clients. Our goal is to provide our customers with the tools they need to demonstrate the clinical and economic utility of their products and to successfully secure reimbursement from public and private payers. We understand the continuously evolving health care environment and work closely with clients to develop both strategy and tactics for successfully launching new products and obtaining favorable reimbursement.

Mosaic's clients recognize that regulatory approval does not necessarily lead to health insurance coverage or reimbursement for new products. Companies must understand the reimbursement environment and develop strong clinical utility and economic "stories" early in the development process to secure coverage from key payers. To assist clients in this effort, Mosaic utilizes a wide range of tools, including economic modeling, cost effectiveness and cost utility analyses, clinical utility studies, and patient-reported functional status data to convey the value of client's products to payers.

By building and implementing strong reimbursement strategies and tactics, Mosaic has been successful in obtaining appropriate coding for new products, resulting in Medicare, Medicaid, and private plan coverage. Mosaic also provides clients with detailed information on the regulatory, legislative, and health care policies that may influence the marketplace and drive reimbursement. All of this critical information is synthesized into a strategic plan that deciphers unique market dynamics and guides reimbursement activities in the pre- and post- marketing phases of a product's lifecycle.

Mosaic's founders also have extensive experience developing and implementing reimbursement hotlines and support programs. This is crucial because proper coding provides only the "license" to obtain reimbursement, whereas product success requires working with both national and regional payers to make sure that they cover these codes and reimburse adequately to achieve market success.

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